Sloes on Bush

Sloe Gin & Mason Jars

Well…here’s a snapshot of what is keeping us busy here around the table at FionasFarmhouseKitchen. This is just a quick one to give you the heads up on SLOES.

The kids have gone back to school this week and it was No.4 (and definitely the last !) sons first day in full time school. He was a real grumpy bear after school not being used to getting up early and missing his afternoon nap ! Decided to get some fresh air and have a potter up to the woods at the top of the farm with No.3 & 4 sons whilst 1 & 2 were at the first hockey training night of the new season. FORAGER ALERT…SLOES are out in abundance, go and get them before anyone else does. We have a sloe gin making kit available in our shop at the moment for the picking season complete with my favourite recipe (see below) that way we can share the love of sloe gin making if you are buying for a gift. Making Sloe gin is extremely easy and quick..BUT…the drinking part does take patience. You can have some ready for this Christmas but make sure you put a bottle or two away for future years as it will improve hugely with age.

The September glut of produce is definitely in full swing, the kitchen, fridge and freezer are all bursting at the moment so better get on with it. Back soon with some more tips.

Don’t forget to have a look in our shop at the Mason Jars which are really in vogue at the moment. We have been drinking summer cocktails and ice cold beer from them this summer, our friends have been massively impressed and I noticed the trendy bar in the town is using them. Think ahead to Christmas, these are bound to be the must have item for parties !!!